Hotel Management (PMS)

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    Hotel Management  is the key to proficient and successful Customer tracking and reservation management for your Hotel.

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    Description: Hotel Management System is an easy-to-use hotel management software that can manage your hotel or motel. Full Board Rate Ideal for reservations, hotels and guest houses. Affordable - no cost per booking charges. Easy To Use. Track Customers and avoid Double Bookings. Analyze Reservation Patterns. Automatic Calculations. Reporting System. Multi-users and rights managements. RoomTypes and Rooms managements. RatePlan managements. Hotel management software with a difference. The ideal alternative to manually tracking customers. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. G10 Hotel Management is a hotel management software designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business. Reap the benefits of automating the reservation process. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyze reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Rearrange reservations and allocate rooms without an eraser in sight! Managing repeat customers and recording customer preferences helps you to retain your customers. Make your customers feel unique and special by recording personal notes. Welcome them with their nickname at the door! Following the long term trends is important in your hotel. G10 Hotel Management makes this easy with our reporting system. With just one click you can analyze trends. Monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily. Each time you make a reservation, the room status is updated and the customer details are added to your hotel database. Without the need for an expensive CRM program, G10 Hotel Management turns your client database into a valuable marketing tool. Installation is quick and easy. Once you get started, you can begin taking reservations immediately.Training motel employees to use G10 HMS is quick and easy. "We have Customizable Hotel Management Software for you/your Clients". The G10 hotel software is something that is very simple and is unique in its layout. This software is typically simple in its implementation and its running. The G10 hotel software usually comes with diverse security and is laid out in a fashion that makes it simple for someone to utilize. G10 hotel software is designed to management Small and large Scale Hotels. G10 hotel typically only provide a focused set of features for guest amenities or front desk operations. Basic front desk features for G10 hotel software would include reservations management (check-in/check-out, booking, room availability, and unoccupied rooms), guest profile management, rate management (rate/Tax rating), reporting capabilities, customer communication, night audit, daily ledger, and housekeeping management/maintenance. Back office features include accounts payable, asset accounting, and general inventory. Complete Solution Better Look, Easy To Manage, Secured and User Friendly. Better Integration of Modules/Reports, Low Establishment Cost, Easy to Learn/Teach. Multi User, Network Enabled Serves Multi purpose in Single Application.

    Optional Integrated Applications are (Additional Cost) 1) Auto SMS Application/Email Application. 2) Room Reservation Engine. 3) Cash Drawer 4) Call Accounting Software 5) Time and Attendance with Payroll Application 6) Door Lock System 7) Restaurant Software 8) Building Rent Management Software. 9) Spa /Beauty Salon Billing System 10) Internet Billing System.

    Hotel status from main screen with Color code indication for Room status view with user defined color.


    Ability to Comunicate on Office Network

    • Backup data to a cd/usb thumb stick with password.

    Easy interface for Room Check in Check Out, Service Details Entry.

    Easy Room Reservation, Block/Unblock Rooms, View and Cancellation facility

    Multi Room Check in

    Easy user interface for Add/Edit/Delete Room/Room Category Details.

    Guest Address Book

    Origin Guest Entry and Reports

    Checkout Bill printing with Preprinted stationary/ Normal Paper.

    Room Transfer

    Enabled for Lesserjet/InkJet/DotMatrix Printer For Printing

    Full Network Enabled Application

    Strong User Management, Privileges

    Easy to Configure Software

    Screen Saver

    Provision for Service Charge, Extra bed charge, Telephone Charges, Taxable amount entries.

    Guest database with advance search, export & import facility

    Flexible Taxation and Service Tax provisions

    Transaction Reports

    Night audit Reports, Chart view,Shift Report, Cashier Report

    Daily/monthly Checkin-Checkout Reports

    Daily Collection register

    Availability Summary & Stay Information Grid

    Full Fledged House keeping with Laundry Issue/Return Entries and Reports

    Stock Purchases, Floor/Room Stock Entry/Stock Removals, Room maintenance, Service Entry and Reports

    Ledger Creation/Subledger Creation, Voucher Entries

    Daybook, Ledger Reports, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet

    Customized Features/Reports on demand

    Charts for better representation of data .

    Features/Reports can be customize on certain level .

    Summary reports for the exact picture of the property as and when required.

    Print/View / Exportable /Searchable reports.

    Shift wise Reports, Cashier Reports,

    Cash register,

    Sales report,

    Floor wise room status view customization