Time2clock payroll tracking

AVailable with a fingerprint reader




Time2Clock is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. Time2Clock is a time and attendance software that tracks, organizes, and reports employee data.

      Track your employee time & attendance with a high performance biometric fingerprint scanner

      Manage time, attendance, tardiness, holidays and salaried employees

      File I9, W4 and other important documents

      Eliminates buddy punching to reduce fraud and theft

      Eliminates payroll error

      No long-term contracts and no large equipment needed

      Security (everything is encrypted), images are not stored, only fingerprint structure.  Available upon request (ex: Schools)

      Most of all, Time2Clock saves you time and the potential to save thousands of dollars


This biometric device improves efficiency and streamlines payroll operations.  It will automate outdated record-keeping systems that rely on paper time sheets. This system is being used in schools, hotels, doctor offices, dental offices, gyms, theatres etc.


      Up to 1000 Employee capacity included

      Easy login for employees (bilingual)

      Ability to edit employee hours with manager login

      Backup pay period data

      Automatically Emails Payroll Reports to Manager

      Requires Windows Operating System


Technical Support

All Time2Clock customers have FREE technical support via: phone, online, or email.